About Us

What is Ad Vintage?

We would like to think our name is simple, but in reality, we are more than just vintage advertising.   Looking through our archives of 20th century magazine advertising we found the beauty of the art, the compositions that told a complete story in graphics.  Some of these works have joined the main stream and continue today in our everyday lives.  What we found was the elegance of the art and we want you to be able to enjoy these classic examples.

Our Own Twist

Ad Vintage likes to curate the classic art, it is part of our responsibility.  We also like to bring it into the present day and bring new life to the art.  Time is taken to digitally enhance and re-render the graphics.  They are then combined in new and modern applications.  We find some humor and we find some beauty.  We take the socially incorrect and use it to make statements.  The times may have changes, but the art is timeless.

Make Ad Vintage Your 'Go To' store

When you are looking for something different, come to us!  A product that hearkens back to past times, a gift for a family member or friend or something for your own needs.  Ad Vintage offers a broad selection and we will work with you to create special and unique items for your specific needs.  Ad Vintage is unique!